Plugged: TV on, phone in hand,
being informed, entertained.
talking to a far away friend.

Unplugged: walking the dog, playing with kids,
splashing, jumping, running, hugging,
kissing hubby.

Plugged: never being bored.
Unplugged: never being stressed.

Plugged: connection.
Unplugged: connection.

Living mindfully, balancing technology and the tactile, growing up, growing older.

Embrace what you love, leave the rest.
Know your desires.


This post is inspired by the Plugged/Unplugged post by Erin at Design for Mankind. I decided to focus on what I think are the positive aspects of the Plugged/Unplugged life. There is a little bit of artistic licence of course, particularly in the lines ‘never being bored/never being stressed’, wouldn’t this be the ideal! People’s arguments on the topics do often boil down to those two opposing sides. The last two lines really sum up how I’m trying to live my life (and yes, I do need constant reminders!) ‘Embrace what you love, leave the rest./Know your desires.’

More Plugged/Unplugged posts can be found though Pip’s post on the Meet me at Mikes blog – see the comments for all the linky love!


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